Phuentsholing Township Development Project

Project overview CW-02

Phuentsholing Township Development Project (PTDP) CW-02 is aimed to provide Municipal infrastructure and Township management system


Under the second package- CW-02, Common Urban Infrastructures for a modern township will be constructed on modern sustainable principles of equity, livability, and competitiveness. The urban infrastructures include Road Network, Water Treatment and Supply, Sewerage Collection and Treatment, Solid Waste Management System, Power Supply and Telecommunication Network.

CW-02 will be tendered out as International Competitive Bidding (ICB) contract for a contract duration of 30 months. The Contract involves both Ad-measurement and Design & Build components. The Contract also involves Operation and Maintenance of certain components of the work for a mandatory period of 2 years and an extendable period of 3 years.

Brief about the Common Urban Infrastructures:

  1. Road Network: Construction of 11 km of road network of varying widths includes both flexible and rigid pavement with pedestrian walkways and cycle tracks of natural stone and paver block flooring, on Ad-measurement.
  2. Bridge over outfalls: Construction of 5 nos of pedestrian bridges over outfalls of varying spans and widths includes both concrete and steel structures, on Ad-measurement.
  3. Water Treatment and Distribution System: Design & Build conventional Water Treatment Plant of 3MLD capacity including raw water transmission mains, 2 storage reservoirs- Ground Service Reservoir of 2ML capacity and Elevated Service Reservoir of 0.5ML capacity at 20m staging height and pumps. Construction of water distribution network includes 10KM of water supply conduits of HDPE pipes and appurtenances on Ad-measurement.
  4. Sewage Treatment Plant Network: Design & Build 3MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant on SBR technology and pumping station. Construction of collection & conveyance Network includes 5KM of sewerage pipeline and appurtenances with DWC pipes and precast manholes of varying depths, on Ad-measurement.
  5. Storm Water Network: Construction of storm water collection system includes precast concrete collection chambers and 5KM of conveyance network with RCC pipes and drainage into outfalls, on Ad-measurement.
  6. Solid Waste Management System: Design & Build Solid Waste Treatment Facility of 15 Tonnes/day waste handling capacity for both dry and wet waste, including necessary site development and landscaping works.
  7. Power Supply Equipment and Network: Supply and installation of Unitized Substations and Feeder Pillars at various locations and construction of 7KM of power supply network includes 2.5KM of RCC Trench, 4.5KM of DWC pipe and masonry inspection chambers; and supply and laying of High-Tension and Low-Tension cables, all on Ad-measurement.
  8. Telecommunications Network: Construction of 10KM of distribution network includes DWC pipes and masonry chambers and supply and laying of Optical Fibers of various sizes.
  9. Building Structures: Construction of one 2-storied RCC framed Fire Station and two 1-storied Toilet blocks, all on Ad-measurement.
  10. SCADA system: Design & Build SCADA systems for Water Treatment Plant, Water Supply and Sewage Treatment Plant.