Phuentsholing Township Development Project

Project overview

Phuentsholing Township Development Project (PTDP) CW-01 is aimed to provide River training, Embankments and flood protection structures along the Amochhu River.

Phuentsholing is the second most populous city in Bhutan which has grown manifold over the past few decades and shares a seamless international border with India’s bustling town Jaigaon. It leads in import and export trades with India with more than 80% of Bhutan’s trade passing through its gates. With its unique locational advantage, Phuentsholing also serves as the Tourist and Trade gateway to Bhutan. 

On account of Phuentsholing’s unique geographical location, the city faces a constant threat to life and property from flooding of the Amochhu which has also resulted in a serious shortage of land for further development and expansion.

The Phuentsholing Township Development Project – PTDP – is envisioned to address both of the above problems. PTDP proposes a resilient riverfront to mitigate the threat of flooding and erosion, thereby making land available for a planned expansion of the existing town of Phuentsholing. The Druk Holding and Investments (DHI), which is the Owner and Executing Agency (EA) of the Project, through the Ministry of Finance, Government of Bhutan has financing from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) toward the cost of the implementation of Phuentsholing Township Development Project (PTDP). The Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL), a subsidiary company of DHI has been mandated to act as the Implementing Agency (IA) to oversee the development of the Project. The Phuentsholing Township Development Project – PTDP –will develop 66 hectares (ha) or Zone-A of riparian land near the city of Phuentsholing that is located adjacent to the Amochhu River on Bhutan’s southwestern border with India.

ALDTP (Phase 1) Implementation Arrangements